Freaks’n’Beatz is an artist who went beyond a simple musical project.  Currently, Freaks’n’Beatz is a whole movement that consists of a small private group known as the Freaks Army who are a sincere and professional team that can be found on the digital record label ( ).   There you can find monthly Freaks Army podcast sessions and of course the amazing singles from the group itself.

The project loudly publicized itself from the very first single.  The official video for the single “Freaks’n’Beatz – Shadows” recorded over 100,000 views on YouTube.  The track received support from industry powerhouse Promo Only ( and blogger We Rave You (

The second release from “Freaks’n’Beatz – Fire”, still remains the trademark of the project, and is widely covered by the EDM community (  “Fire” remains one of the leading top productions in sales for the Freaks’n’Beatz. (

The third release under the name “Titan” gained much of its support growth from listeners and bloggers.   This launched a new phase in the evolution of Freaks’n’Beatz.  This phase was expressed by mixing Ragga and Dubstep with the use of long strong vocal passages.

The single titled “Freaks’n’Beatz-Bounce” continued with the mixing of Ragga and Dubstep theme, becoming a perfect example of their trademarked sound.

Finishing up the first year of the project, it is essential to note the 5th single from Freaks’n’Beatz was released in conjunction with the Billboard charting artist – Frankie Catalano ( ).  The single is named “Monster”, and the video was viewed by several thousand fans on VEVO.  ( “Freaks’n’Beatz – Monster” is the leading vocal composition of the project.  It was heard 20,000 times on Soundcloud and has become one of the most popular singles on for Freaks’n’Beatz. ( )

The 6th release “Freaks’n’Beatz – Back To The Rhythm” ( saw light at the beginning of 2018.  “Back To The Rhythm” – is a bold Future Bass experiment that has been supported by Promo Only, Kings of Spins, iDJpool and Sony Music Latin.  A huge number of DJs and radio stations around the world have also endorsed the new sound, from the likes of Peter K,  DJ Spawn, Knappy, Andi Durrant, Herbie James, Hi-Five radio (Germany), Axit Radio, Bn4ia Radio and the list continues to grow.